A Microlief® Ounce of Prevention is Worth a £ Billion Pounds of Cure When it Comes to Equine Tendons!

Anyone who is or has been involved with the training of athletic horses, especially speed training, will most probably be familiar with equine tendon problems. Tendon problems of the fore legs, particularly the superficial flexor tendon (SDFT), are often rated at the top of the trainers and vets list for Microlief_logo_red-smallerdebilitating injuries which can often end promising equine careers.

Researchers have reported SDFT injuries as the most common type of tendon/ligament injury. In one study of British racehorses and National Hunt horses, SDFT injuries accounted for up to 90% of tendon/ligament injuries. Recently the economic impact loss of tendon injuries alone in the British racing industry was valued at £3.5 billion pounds ($4.5 billion a year) yes BILLION with a B and that rhymes with T and that stands for Tendons! The tendon injury rate is as high as 43 per cent with few horses returning to racing after injury.

“Tendon and ligament injuries comprise up to 46% of sport horse injuries”

The fact that tendon injury costs owners and trainers alike is an understatement!   Often these tendon injuries begin as minor problems and often go unnoticed until it is too late. By the time the telltale signs of inflammation and swelling are recognized, the damage is already done. It’s no wonder, tendon and ligament injuries comprise up to 46% of sport horse injuries, says Nick Huggons, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, surgeon and co-owner of San Luis Rey Equine Hospital, in Bonsall, Calif.Race horses

“If left untreated, damage to a tendon can continue to increase in severity due to the inflammatory process,” says Alfredo Romero, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, co-owner and surgeon at Syracuse Equine Veterinary Specialists PLLC, in New York. “As a result, lameness may actually resolve within one to two weeks of injury despite significant damage to the tendon and result in catastrophic injury if the horse is returned to work.”  In a lot of these cases the horse will appear sound as the tendon pain and inflammation subsides but when they are returned to a full workload, further damage occurs often resulting in a career threating injury.

In a recent meeting between University of Glasgow researchers and sport horse owners and trainers concerning equine tendon injuries, the owners and trainers said that despite apparent veterinary advances in stem-cell techniques to repair already damaged tendons in horses, they would like more help and assistance in preventing these costly injuries in the first place.  Horsemen agreed that preventing tendon problems was an area where researchers should concentrate their attention.

“Microlief® microcurrent science shows that it restores homeostasis to the cellular system and normalizes cell activity reducing inflammatory conditions.”

Now, however there is a cost effective preventive alternative for debilitating tendon problems for training stables called Microlief®. The regular application of a Microlief® Microcurrent units to the tendon areas reduces tendon inflammation in its initial Tendon-1-cropstages BEFORE it becomes a problem. Working on the same current level as the body’s own bio-electric healing system, the horse does not feel anything when the unit is applied and it begins to bring immediate relief.   When used regularly Microlief® Microcurrent science shows that it restores homeostasis to the cellular system and normalizes cell activity reducing inflammatory conditions.

The self-contained micro battery operated Microlief® has up to 300 hours of in use time and can be removed and reapplied numerous times as needed.  The best part is that Microlief® is horse safe and easy to use and it can be worn under wraps and left unattended. Gone are the days of standing in ice, cold hosing, and bulky expensive apparatus with limited treatment time. Microlief® offers the horse and horseman easy to use around the clock therapy at a reasonably price.

After a hard training session, breeze or work, simply do the horses up with a Microlief® and rest easy knowing that 21st century technology is working for you and your horse. After all, what stable doesn’t want to save a few billion dollars here and there?

Don Doran is a professional horseman of 40+ years and the original developer of Equine Sports Massage and Equine Electro-Acupressure therapies. He is based at his farm in Ocala Florida, where he teaches classes listed above. He and his wife Lisa, also a Human and Equine sports therapist both lecture and teach worldwide, as well as attending to clients horses and stables around the globe.