The Microlief™ Protocols present horsemen with abundant opportunities to enhance their horse’s health and well being and improve the outcome of their training programs.

Tendon Ligament Maintenance

Tendon Ligament Maintenance


The easiest and most straightforward protocols that all horsemen will grasp immediately are the protocols for the tendons and ligaments of the lower legs.  Traditionally great emphasis is placed on the health maintenance of these structures because everyone knows what a Show Stopper it is when things go wrong in these tendons and ligaments.

Warning:  You will never do Legwork the same way again!

Once an equine professional sees first hand the benefits of using Microlief™ under a Standing Bandage, their first choice will always be Microlief™ when they are “Doing Up” their horses.

Microlief™ Protocols

We have developed a number of Microlief™ Protocols and they are documented in this section of the website.  These protocols are relevant for injury prevention as well as injury recovery and rehabilitation.

If you have any questions regarding the protocols, contact us:

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We are dedicated to helping you harness the power of Microlief™  for your horse’s optimal health and performance.

Lower Limb Protocols

Foreleg and Hindleg tendon/suspensory ligament stress or injury
Foreleg and Hindleg pastern pain (ankle pain)
Foreleg carpus pain (knee pain)
Hindleg tarsus pain (hock pain)
Foreleg and Hindleg hoof pain (excluding laminitis)

Trunk Protocols

Upper and Lower Cervical
Mid-Thoracic Back
Lumbar-Sacral Back
Gluteals & Hip
Quadriceps & Stifle

Yes, Microlief™ can be used to stimulate equine acupoints.

Microlief™ Guidelines and Standard Procedures

All Microlief™ Protocols share the same basic guidelines for safety and success.  The standard procedures are simple to understand and follow.  Adhering to the standard procedures will save you time and produce consistent satisfying results.  Deviation from the standard procedures is not recommended.

Please make sure that you review and understand the Microlief™ Guidelines and Standard Procedures before you use the Microlief™ product with your horses.