Microlief™ Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does it work?

    Microlief™ Equine Microcurrent Soft Tissue Therapy is the application of very low levels of electrical stimulation to muscles, tendons and ligaments to provide pain relief and promote tissue healing. The electrical currents are set at approximately the same level of the normal electrical exchanges which take place in the body’s cellular system (49µ microamps).

  • Can the horse feel it?

    No, the microcurrent generated by the Microlief™ unit is the same as the body’s own electric current and is too low to be felt.

  • Can Microlief™ create a shock to the horse?

    No, the microcurrent is set too low to be felt or create a shock to the horse, or person handling it.

  • How do I know the unit is working?

    There is a small red indicator light built into the Microcurrent Power Supply. As long as the light is blinking the unit is working.

    If you have previously used this Power Supply, is the battery life used up?  Each Power Supply has a product life of 240 hours of use.

    Are the Electrodes correctly snapped on to both ends of the Power Supply?

    Is there enough Conductivity Gel on each Electrode?  If the horse has a longer hair coat, a greater amount of Conductivity Gel will be required.

    Is each Electrode making full, firm contact with the horse’s body?

  • How long can Microlief™ be left on the horse?

    Microlief™ can be left on one location for up to five days.  However, the unit must be monitored every 24 hours to make sure that it is working properly and that there is not any irritation to the area.

    After five days, remove the Microlief™ for 24 hours.  If you are treating an injury with a long recovery time and need to reapply the Microlief™, slightly change the placement location of the Electrodes.

  • How long is a typical treatment?

    The duration of the Microlief™ treatment will vary based upon the specific reason for treatment.

    Microlief™ therapy operates on a very low electrical current.  The stimulation is extremely mild and gentle.  Microlief™ stimulates the body’s natural healing processes.  The goal of Microlief™ therapy is to restore homeostasis and reestablish normal cell metabolism.  Pain relief may be experienced within minutes, but the full healing process requires adequate time.

    We recommend a minimal of 12-14 hours of  treatment time.  Removing the Microlief™ unit too soon may prevent the achievement of optimal results.

    For Daily Injury Prevention, Optimal Performance, and Competition Prep and Recovery, the ideal Microlief™ treatment time is overnight (12-14 hours).

    For specific Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation a longer treatment time is required.  The treatment duration will depend upon:

    The degree of severity of the injury

    How well the individual horse responds to the Microlief™ therapy

  • What if my horse is turned out?

    The Microlief™ unit has to be secured with protective bandaging at all times.  If you are treating one or more of the lower legs, it is a simple matter to secure the Microlief™ unit with a polo bandage.  Turn out in bad weather is not recommended.

    If you are treating other areas of the horse, it is probably best that you apply the treatment when the horse is in the stall.

  • How long before Microlief™ starts to work?

    Pain relief may be experienced within minutes, but the full healing process requires adequate time. We recommend a minimal of 12-14 hours of treatment time. Removing the Microlief™ unit too soon may prevent the achievement of optimal results.

  • Are there any contraindications for using Microlief™?

    Yes.  Microlief™ should not be used on horses that are pregnant or on horses who have with any type of electrical implants.

    If skin coat irritation occurs at any time, discontinue use.
    For the full list of contraindications and regional area warnings, please review the contraindications webpage of this site.

  • How should the Microlief™ unit be applied?

    Always “Frame the Pain” with the Electrodes.

    In general, the Microcurrent Electrodes can be placed to either side, or above and below, the area that you wish to treat.

    The microcurrent will continuously flow through the area of the horse’s body that is between the two Microcurrent Electrodes and through the entire length and width of the area directly under the two Microcurrent Electrodes.

    There are specific placement guidelines for acute injuries of lower leg tendons and ligaments.  This information is discussed in the Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation section of this site.

    Make your Microcurrent Electrode placement decision upon visual inspection and manual palpation of the region.

  • How long do the Electrodes last?

    The usual life span of the Electrodes is 3-5 applications.

    The life of the Electrodes depends on a number of factors:  How many times have they been taken off and reapplied?  How much conductivity gel has been applied?  Have the Electrodes properly stored when not in use?

    When the gel matrix backing on the Electrodes begins to break down, they must be discarded.

  • How long does the power unit last?

    The Microcurrent Power Supply battery will last up to 240 hours.

  • Can I replace the battery?

    No.  The Microcurrent Power Supply is designed to be discarded after 240 hours of use.

  • Why does it blink?

    The blinking light lets you know that the Microlief™ unit is “on”.  The electrical output from the Power Supply is a pulsating frequency that corresponds to the blinking light.

  • Can Microlief™ be used by in foal broodmares ?

    No.  Do not apply the unit to pregnant mares.  Do not apply the unit to foals.

  • Can Microlief™ be used in areas with metal screws or plates?

    Yes.  No problems.

  • Is Microlief™ waterproof ?

    No.  The Power Supply is waterproof, but the Electrodes are not.

  • Can Microlief™ be used if the horse is on NASIDS or other drugs?


  • What is the proper usage and storage temperature for the Microlief™units?

    Optimal temperatures range is between +50◦∙F  to +113◦∙F  (+10◦∙C to +45◦ C).

  • Can I use Microlief™ on myself?

    Yes.  This technology originated in the human medical market.  The Microcurrent Power Supply that powers the Microlief™ unit has been approved by the FDA for Over-the-Counter sales to humans for pain relief.

    There some contraindications and areas on the human body where Microlief™ cannot be applied.  Please review the Human Contraindications webpage before deciding to use the Microlief™ unit on yourself.

    Our licensing agreement with the patent holder of the Microcurrent Power Supply permits us to market this product only to the Equine Industry.  There is another company that is licensed to sell this type of microcurrent therapy Over-the-Counter to human customers.