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Ocala, FL  April 28, 2015

New Horse Health Product Introduced at Horse Racing Annual Meeting

Francis Powell, Technology Manager of Equine Microcurrent Systems, presented a technology overview of the Microlief™, Equine Microcurrent Therapy System, to the Racing Commissioners International (RCI) Horse Racing Emerging Technologies panel which was held on April 23, 2015 in Tampa, FL as part of the 80th Annual RCI Conference.

The Microlief™, Equine Microcurrent Therapy System, provides horsemen a new, natural, non-pharmaceutical way to manage the muscular stress and injuries that occur in horse racing. Microlief™ is the application of very low levels of electrical stimulation to the muscles, tendons and ligaments to provide pain relief and promote tissue healing.

Designed for the equine athlete, Microlief™ is powered by patented technology which has been medically tested and approved by the FDA for human microcurrent soft tissue therapy and which has been declared safe for Over-the-Counter (OTC) sales.

Powell’s presentation outlined for the racing commissioners Microlief’s™ therapeutic applications in the horse racing world. He explained that the self-contained, micro battery operated Microlief™ has no ability to shock the horse or user, and cannot mask serious pain or aggravated lameness of the horse.

Microlief™ works on the same low level electrical frequency of the body (49µA microamps). Unlike other equine electrical therapies such as TENS, Ultrasound or Shockwave, there is no uncomfortable feeling or muscular contraction at all.

The presentation explained how Microlief’s™ microcurrent patented technology can be used as a natural, noninvasive tool to help prevent soft tissue injuries and to assist with faster recovery when equine soft tissue injuries do occur.

Lisa Stahl, Operations Manager for Equine Microcurrent Systems stated “Microlief stimulates the natural healing process within the body and helps reduce the need for NSAID drug use in the horse racing community. We sincerely believe in the months and years to come, Microlief™ will prove to be a tremendous benefit to all disciplines of equestrian sports.”

Powell’s presentation cited scientific research that shows how inflamed, injured cells resist the body’s natural electric current. This resistance blocks the normal supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Cellular resistance only serves to make the initial injury worse. Microlief™ microcurrents penetrate the inflamed cells and re-establish the normal cell activity.

The external application of a self-contained Microlief™ unit restores homeostasis to the cellular system. By normalizing cell activity, inflammation is reduced and collagen producing cells are increased. Healthy cell metabolism creates a healthy, pain free internal environment. Microcurrent scientific studies are provided on the company’s website:

Powell concluded his presentation by saying, “Microlief™ ushers in a new era in equine health for both veterinarians and horsemen in the horse racing industry. It is a high quality equine microcurrent therapy product, supported by proven science and technology that promotes both optimal equine health and performance.”

About Equine Microcurrent Systems, LLC
The mission of Equine Microcurrent Systems, LLC is to deliver a high quality equine microcurrent therapy product, supported by proven science and technology that promotes optimal equine health and performance.

Francis Powell holds degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and has been awarded 12 patents for products and processes. Powell’s in-depth knowledge of the bioelectricity of living organisms made possible the invention of the Microcurrent Power Supply that powers the Microlief™ product.

Lisa Stahl, Operations Manager
Equine Microcurrent Systems, LLC