Competition Prep and Recovery

The hardest part of training is to get your horses at their athletic best on THE DAY.

The second hardest part of training is to help your horses recover quickly from THE DAY of competition and get back to work preparing for THE NEXT competition.

Microlief™ can help with your Pre-Event preparation and Post-Event recovery programs.


We recommend that you start the Pre-Event Microlief™ Protocols 48 hours prior to the event.   Pay special attention to areas that may have previously given the horse problems such as:  tendons & ligaments of the lower legs, ankles, knees, hocks, stifles.

Pre-Event Back Protocol

These protocols will insure that your horse’s back is feeling its best for the competition.

Post-Event Protocols

After a horse is put through a hard workout or tough competition, it is normal for the horse to experience overall body soreness.

Special Post-Event proactive care is generally given to the tendons, ligaments and joints of the lower legs to prevent and avoid next day inflammation, swelling and lameness.

Traditionally, horsemen manage Post-Event stress with labor intensive, time consuming topical treatment “do-ups” such as:  cold water hosing, cold packs and ice tubs, bottles of liniment and buckets of mud poultice.

Microlief™  It!Tendon-1-crop

Microlief™ offers horsemen a new choice that is less labor intensive, highly effective, scientifically proven and affordable.

Place a Microlief™ unit on all 4 of the horses lower legs, secure and protect each one with a standing bandage, and let Microlief™ do the work.

Microlief™ will work all night to promote circulation and restore homeostasis to the cellular system.  By normalizing cell activity, inflammation is reduced.  Healthy cell metabolism creates a healthy, pain free internal environment.

Microlief™ puts 21st Century Science and Technology to work for your horse.