KahunaEverybody’s talking about the benefits of Microlief™ 

“I did the Pre-Event Back Protocol with Kahuna and he felt so willing and supple when we went into the ring. We both had fun doing the course!”
Nora Kuehn, Ocala, FL



“Happy, was not so happy about left turns until we did a Microlief™ Neck Protocol, now my boy is a Happy Camper again!”
Carol Guilfoil, Hudson, FL

Don_Bibi“One of our horses was off with a high suspensory on the right fore.  One week with Microlief™ and he was back in the ring!  I keep one in my office to use on my neck too!  It really works!”
Don Stewart, Don Stewart Stables, Ocala, FL

“We love Microlief™ and recommend it for your horses!  My shoulders love it too!”
Bibby Farmer Hill, Don Stewart Stables, Ocala, FL

As a full time professional equine bodyworker, my muscles work hard providing the horses with their therapy. There are stress points in my body that receive regular maintenance in order to keep me working at my best.  I was introduced to Microlief™ in early January 2015. To demonstrate its effectiveness, I was encouraged to try one on myself.  At the end of the day, I put the Microlief™ on my right shoulder and wore it all night. The next morning, my shoulder felt great. There was not even the slightest bit of discomfort.  I look forward to incorporating the Microlief™ into my equine practice and of course having extra’s on-hand for myself!
Bill Stanton, Wellington, FL
Integrated Equine Bodywork  http://www.equinebodyworks.net


Horses are refusing to go to the show without their Microliefs

18 y.o. Holsteiner (#1200)
Retired Grand Prix Jumper, Former Olympic Contender

Paddock injury: Suspensory Ligament sprain. Wore Microlief™ 24 hrs per day for 5 days. Sound and pain free.

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