Human Contraindications

Can I use Microlief™ on myself?

Yes.  This technology originated in the human medical market.  The Microcurrent Power Supply that powers the Microlief™ unit has been approved by the FDA for Over-the-Counter sales to humans for pain relief.

Before you use the unit, read the safety precautions listed below to make sure that you do not have any conditions that would contraindicate treatment with microcurrent.

Our licensing agreement with the patent holder of the Microcurrent Power Supply permits us to market this product only to the Equine Industry.  There is another company that is licensed to sell this type of microcurrent therapy Over-the-Counter to human customers.

Do not use if

You are using a cardiac pacemaker

You are using Transdermal Drug Delivery medication patches

You are pregnant

Not for children under the age of 12

Do not apply Microlief™ to any of the following regions:



Anterior neck (carotid sinus)

Any open wounds

Additional Warnings

Microlief™ is for external use only

Discontinue use if a rash appears

The Electrodes are reusable, but design for single client use

Wear a maximum of three Microlief™ units on the body at one time

Electronic monitoring equipment may not operate properly when the Microlief™ unit is in use

Do not use the Microlief™ unit during any high frequency procedure

Keep out of reach of children