Daily Injury Prevention & Optimal Performance

You know each of your horse’s strengths and weaknesses better than any one elseIMG_5953:

This one has an “old tendon” that occasionally still gives him trouble

That one has had trouble with his lower hind suspensory

The one down on the end has an “ankle”

Microlief™ is a simple, cost effective way to proactively manage your horse’s muscular/skeletal stress points.

At the end of the day, apply the Microlief™ unit to the target area and safely secure it with protective bandaging.  While the you and your horses rest,  Microlief™ works around the clock to promote circulation and establish a healthy pain free internal environment.

The next morning, your horses will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.  Pull the bandages, stow away the Microlief™ units for the day and get to work.  You will find that your horses warm up quicker and move better.

You will never do Legwork the same way again!

Your team works hard to make sure thatTendon-1-crop your horses don’t have any “problems”.

Every horse gets overnight Standing Bandages on all 4 lower legs as part of your standard preventative maintenance program.

Microlief™ gives you another ounce of prevention.

You can apply Microlief™ to the tendons and ligaments of all 4 lower legs under the Standing Bandages.

Overnight, Microlief™ will resolve the tiny bits of muscular inflammation and stress that come with any training program.

The next day, your equine athletes are at their best and ready to rock & roll.

 Head to Hindquarters, Microlief™ It!

Common stress points:  the poll, the withers area, the mid-back and the hip.  All can be treated with Microlief™.

If your horse receives any type of equine sports massage therapy and/or chiropractic therapy, the practitioner may identify areas throughout the horse’s body where Microlief™ can be applied to help manage soft tissue stress.

The Microlief™ Protocols present horsemen with abundant opportunities to enhance their horse’s health and well being and improve the outcome of their training programs.

 Microlief™  =  Customized,  daily,  cost effective therapy for your horses on your own schedule.