Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

Horse mummy wrappedWhen your horses is injured, Microlief™can help facilitate his/her recovery.

Benefits of Microlief™:

Provides natural pain relief for injured muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints

Reduces the need for NSAIDs

Stimulates natural healing processes within the body to speed up the timeframe for injury healing and reduce “down” time.

Assists in recovery from acute and chronic soft tissue injuries

Microlief™ can be continuously worn for 5 days if necessary.  Microlief™ can also be used to assist with the recovery from serious injuries that have extended healing timeframes.

Microlief™ cannot mask serious pain or aggravated lameness.

Microlief™ Equine Microcurrent Therapy is a non-medical method for treating pain and should never be used as a replacement for veterinary care.  If you have any doubts concerning a horse’s state of health, always consult with your veterinarian.

How does Microlief™ bring direct pain relief?

Injured cells resist the body’s natural electric current.  This prevents the normal supply of blood, oxygen and vital nutrients from reaching the injured cells.  Microlief™ currents penetrate the injured, inflamed cells and restore the essential blood supply necessary to re-establish the normal cell activity.

The external application of microcurrent:

Increases the production of ATP

Increases protein synthesis

Increases oxygenation

Increases ion exchange

Increases absorption of nutrients

Increases elimination of cellular waste products

Neutralizes the oscillating polarity of deficient cells

The external application of microcurrent restores homeostasis to the cellular system.

By normalizing cell activity, inflammation is reduced and collagen producing cells are increased.  Healthy cell metabolism creates a healthy, pain free internal environment.

Effectiveness / Safety

The same technology that powers Microlief™ is also employed in an FDA approved Over-The-Counter human microcurrent therapy product.  The human microcurrent product has proven to be extremely effective and safe:

630,000 units have been sold through 12/31/14

ZERO reports of adverse events

The average user has noticeable decrease in pain in less than 24 hours

The product is approved for distribution in VA Hospitals.

 Microlief™ provides horse owners and equine professionals with a new, natural non-pharmaceutical way to manage the muscular stress and injuries that occur so often in equestrian sports.  In the coming years, we expect Microlief™ to become a mainstay in equine veterinary practice and stables around the world.