Product Features

Microcurrent Power Supply

Microcurrent Power Supply

Microcurrent Power Supply

The Microcurrent Power Supply is covered by US and International Patents including 6,408,211; EP129444381; 2,410,342.

The built-in battery provides up to 240 hours of treatment time.

Each end of the Power Supply attaches to a Microcurrent Electrode with a snap on closure.

The Microlief™ Microcurrent Power Supply does not have an on/off switch.  The Microcurrent Power Supply is activated whenever good electrical contact through gel is present.  A blinking red (LED) light on the Power Supply is the only visual indicator the current is flowing.  If a good contact through gel is not present, the unit will not turn on.

The battery life is only used when the red light (LED) on the Power Supply is blinking.

If the Electrodes become worn and unusable, the Power Supply can be removed and attached to a new set.

The Power Supply comes with a plastic Storage Shell in which it can be safely stowed away after each use.

If the horse has an injury that requires around the clock Microlief™ therapy, one Power Supply will provide 10 days of 24-hr per day therapy.  If Microlief™ is being used as part of a daily preventative care routine, one Power Supply will provide 20 days of 12-hr per day therapy.

When the Power Supply light stops blinking, the battery is used up and the Power Supply can be discarded.

 Microcurrent Electrodes

Two sizes of Microcurrent Electrodes are available.

The Electrodes are designed to snap on to the bottom of each end of the Microcurrent Power Supply.

Length = 3.3"

NBXXX-1 (1.5″ W x 3.3″L)

1.5″ wide x 3.3″ long

1.5″ wide x 4.5″ long

All the Electrodes have the same functionality.  The microcurrent flows underneath the entire surface area of each Electrode and through all of the soft tissue area framed between the two Electrodes.

NBXXX-2 is convenient for treating larger target areas, such as the mid-back,  or larger segments of tendons/ligaments.

The self-adhesive Electrodes are reusable but intended for single client use only.  The Electrodes are sold in pairs.  The Electrodes are shipped on a plastic Storage Square in a zip lock bag.  The plastic Storage Square prevents the self-adhesive backing on the Electrodes from sticking to unintended targets and protects the self-adhesive backing from collecting dirt and debris.  Keep the Storage Square and store the Electrodes on it when they are not being used.


 Conductivity Gel and/or Tac Gel

Conductvity Gel

Conductvity Gel

Some type of Conductivity or Tac Gel is required to activate the Power Supply through the equine hair coat.  The shorter the hair coat, the less gel required.

Conductivity Gel is easier to work with and easier to clean up than Tac Gel.

Tac Gel is stickier than Conductivity Gel.  Tac Gel is useful for attaching Electrodes to areas on the horse’s upper body.

Electrode Life Cycle

The lifespan of the Electrodes varies depending upon usage, storage and climate.  As the Electrodes are used, their gel matrix backing will lose its stickiness and ability to conduct electricity.

The lifespan of the Electrodes can be extended by this procedure:

Lightly moisten the gel matrix side of the Electrodes with warm water

Place the Electrodes somewhere “safe” with the gel matrix side up and allow them to air dry

The Electrodes must be replaced when they lose their shape and/or no longer adhere well to the horse.

Remember, the Power Supply can be disconnected from used Electrodes and reattached to new Electrodes.