Secure the Unit

Always secure and protect the Microlief™ unit with adequate bandaging.

Standard cotton wraps will do the job.

It is safe to put Microlief® under ceramic wraps.  FYI, research indicates that combining ceramic fiber wraps with microcurrent provides greater circulation benefits than using ceramic fiber wraps alone.

One caution: We do not recommend using Microlief® under ceramic wraps in weather of high heat and humidity.  High heat and humidity combined with additional body heat from the ceramic wrap greatly reduce the useful lifespan of the electrodes.

Standard stable items for securing and protecting the Microlief™ unit on the lower legs


Specialty stable items for securing and protecting the Microlief™ unit on “knee”, “hock” or”stifle”


Applying a Standing Bandage below the Knee Boot and/or Hock Boot will help keep these wraps from slipping down.

Securing Microlief™ to the horse’s upper body or hoof

Supplies you will need:

Step 1:  Secure the Microlief™ patch in place with Elastikon Bandage Tape


Elastikon Bandage holds Microlief in place









Step 2:  Cover and protect the bandage with appropriate horse clothing:


Step 3:  Relax.  Let your horse rest overnight in his stall while Microlief™ works overtime to increase circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote healing.  Your horse will wake up the next morning feeling better than he did when he went to bed!