The Team

Our Mission:

Deliver a high quality equine microcurrent therapy product, supported by proven science and technology, that promotes optimal equine health and performance.

Two important guiding principles for our company are scientific facts and professional integrity.

We sincerely believe in the months and years to come, Microlief™ will prove to be a tremendous benefit to all disciplines of equine athletes.  Microlief™  will help reduce pain and speed the recovery time when there is a soft tissue injury, but we feel that most importantly,  Microlief™ will help PREVENT equine sports injuries from occurring.

This revolutionary and unique product could only have come about through an unusual, but effective, blend of multitalented professionals.

 Francis Powell, Technology Manager

Francis Powell is the President and Chief Technical Officer of Newmark, Inc.  In his 43 year career he has been responsible for the design and manufacture of a variety of products ranging from Military applications to consumer electronics and has provided products to all major computer companies.

Mr. Powell, or Fran as he likes to be called, has devoted the past 15 years developing medical devices to relieve pain and improve the quality of life for the aging. He holds degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and has been awarded 12 patents for products and processes.

Fran’s in-depth knowledge of the bioelectricity of living organisms made possible the invention of the Microcurrent Power Supply that powers the Microlief™ product.  This device has been tested and proven to provide drug free pain relief and promote tissue healing in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Don Doran, Manager

Don is a multifaceted individual with professional skill sets that enable him to effectively and comfortably provide services in variety of areas:

Equine Professional,  Licensed Human Sports Massage Therapist,  Herbalist,
Equine Sports Massage Developer, Specialist and Instructor,
Equine Electro-Acupressure Developer, Specialist and Instructor, Equine Performance Consultant.

The common thread among these areas of expertise is Don’s dedication to healthy lifestyles for humans and horses.

From Don’s perspective, there is very little difference between the needs of a human athlete and an equine athlete. Don attended human massage school with the specific goal of correlating the muscular problems of the human runner and the equine athlete.  In 1993, Don designed developed and launched the world’s first Equine Sports Massage Therapy Training Program.

Don has 40+ years of hands-on experience working with a broad spectrum of equine athletes ranging from Kentucky Derby winners to Olympic contenders. You can read more about Don here.

Don learned about Fran’s human Microcurrent Power Supply while reaching new technology to assist his human clients. Immediately, Don made the connection of how Fran’s invention could help his equine athletes and as they say, the rest is history…

Lisa Stahl (Doran), Manager

Licensed Human Sports Massage Therapist, Equine Bodyworker, Professional Saddle Consultant, Instructor of Equine Sports Massage and Equine Electro-Acupressure

Lisa started out her adult life with a college degree, lots of ambition and a great job in corporate America.  Then she got her first horse, Eddie.

Lisa didn’t know it then, but that little Quarter Horse was destined to change her entire life.  You can read more about Lisa here.

Lisa draws on her corporate training and equine experiences to perform the variety of responsibilities that come with working with the public and running a small business.